14 things to bake with the kids - Chocolate Krispie Cakes

So the spread of the corona virus has resulted in schools closing and working from home for many of us. But aside from all the home-schooling, how else are you going to keep your little ones entertained? If, like me, you're wondering how to keep your little ones occupied over this period of self-isolation, then follow our mini baking series that you all can get involved together! We are here to provide you with 14 easy and simple recipes that you can bake with your children to create lasting and fun memories.

So the first recipe in this mini series are Chocolate Krispie Cakes. Now, I'm calling the Chocolate Krispie Cakes as we had Coco Pops in the cupboard and original recipes use Rice Krispies but honestly you can use any cereal you have! Cornflakes, Cheerios, you name it! - Actually, maybe not weetabix but you get my point!

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14 things to do with the kids - Chocolate Krispie Cakes

So the kids decided to decorate their cakes with marshmallows and sprinkles, but you can leave them plain if you prefer.

For this recipe you will need:

150g chocolate (you can you milk or dark chocolate - whatever your preference

100g butter

4tbsp of golden syrup

100g of Coco Pops (or your favourite cereal)

12 Cupcake cases



1. Break the chocolate into pieces into a microwavable bowl and melt together with the butter and golden syrup in the microwave, mixing in 15 second intervals

2. Weigh the Coco pops and place into a bowl.

3. Mix together the Coco pops and melted chocolate mixture until it is evenly coated.

4. Using two big spoons, carefully place the mixture into the cupcake cases

5. Top with sprinkles and marshmallows and let them set in the fridge for an hour until they are hard.

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